Quality Policy

IQMENis committed towards growth through making its customers successful in their respective business arenas. For IQMEN Consistency and Continual Development makes the two integral dimensions of Quality and this will be reflected in our every endeavor to reach operational and organizational excellence.

IQMEN has implemented an integrated Quality Management System in their organization which enables the company to offer only the best quality solutions and services to their clients. A number of establishment frameworks and reporting practices are used within IQMEN to minimize any kind of human or machine oriented errors. The company strictly follows the best practices of business and has developed a working strategy that supports the right mix of machine and human work.

At IQMEN, projects start with discussing the exact requirements with the clients and are followed by a number of subsequent meetings to chalk out a model that can meet with all the discussed requirements in a seamless way. Now the project schedule is determined according to the deadlines provided by the client, and total project plan is formulated to make the desired product within the desired time frame.

At IQMEN, we value specialization; once the total plan is finalized, it is then segmented and distributed within the groups specialized for developing that particular part of the solution, and once the work of these groups are complete, the resulting parts are then accumulated to form the basic structure of the solution. Now this complete product goes for several rounds of testing and de-bugging to ensure that the final product is flawless. A hierarchical working process along with several rounds of checking at every step ensures only the best quality for every solution. At IQMEN, we encourage continuous association and regular feedbacks from the client end to ensure that the product is capable of meeting their best needs.