Hospitality & Leisure


The Hospitality industry has taken giant strides in growth and complexity in the course of time. Leisure establishments are required to provide multifaceted services to meet their customers’ ever growing expectations. Correspondingly, this task has become more complex and needs to be performed accurately and promptly while maintaining a low cost.

Iqmen understands this requisition and has come up with an 'Easy to Adapt and Simple to Use' solution that is packed with all necessities for a Hotel Management Software so as to run your Hospitality business effortlessly. Be amazed with its simplicity and experience an avant-garde system that is a perfect fit for independent hotels, hotel chains, resorts, and other hospitality setups.

Business Needs

The burgeoning hospitality and club management industry entails the need for innovative and integrated solution to automate all the mission-critical operations. It is necessary for seamlessly integrating various arms of the hospitality like Reservation, Front desk, Housekeeping, Spa, Clubs, Restaurants, and other Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals across multiple geographical points on a unified platform, making it accessible from anywhere in the world.

To prove their mettle and provide services beyond their customers’ expectations is the hospitality organizations’ main objective. Specifically designed software solutions help these organizations fine-tune their operations and offer their customers a world class experience.

Iqmen’s Software solution is crafted exclusively to address this need and is inclusive of cutting edge features which only help propel the business forwards, leading to immense customer satisfaction.

Our Competency

Iqmen’s Hospitality Solution is designed keeping in mind the numerous hospitality segments like Spa, Clubs, Restaurants that it has to cater to. It has a wide assortment of features and functionalities to meet every requirement of this industry where constant upgrading is needed to stand out among the crowd. Our sophisticated Solutions offer hospitality industry an opportunity to manage their business effectively and accurately in turn strengthening their customer database which helps them garner rave reviews in their field of work.

Some of the cutting edge features offered is as follows:

  • Visual reservation schedule (vacancy query, various booking statuses)
  • Unlimited accommodation management
  • Convenient guest management
  • Simple billing
  • Variable price management (seasonal prices, group discounts, different tax rates)
  • Easy-to-add packages for special arrangements
  • Integrated high-performance databank for accessing records.
  • Optional online booking system
  • Maximize your revenues by merging real time data with your strategy.
The following advantages are brought forth by implementing our software solution:

  • Increased transparency of pricing and accounting information
  • Instantaneous savings from reduced operational and manpower costs
  • Minimization of losses from unnecessary transaction errors
  • Up-to-the-minute status availability on all media resulting in better price realizations
  • Better control over sales and marketing initiatives with ready information at your fingertips

Application/Uses areas

It is a solution for properties regardless of the size of the hotel or resort, and this powerful and affordable software effectively manages all functionalities right from the time of booking till the guests’ checkout. Iqmen software solution fully integrates every aspect, from member accounts to meeting room scheduling to food and beverage management.

Our customers vouch for the increase in consistency and efficiency in their day-to-day business. The stability and functionality of this software is unrivalled, coupled with the fact that it requires less training time as it is easy to use. Thus, Iqmen’s software solution empowers the customer with an advantage beyond comparison to lead the pack.