Enterprise Resource Planning

Iqmenhas redefined Enterprise Resource Planning to maximize productivity in every division of your organisation. We provide a new approach to how ERP software is designed, constructed, and implemented. ERP not only inspires your company to innovate, but it also helps you think differently about all aspects of your business. Iqmen’s ERP software ultimately helps you deliver inspiration to your customers while opening your own unimagined vistas of possibility.

IQMEN’s significant experience has enabled us to build best practices into all our applications. As a result, our solutions are finely honed and elegantly simple so you can manage, access, and control every detail of your business with ease.

How does ERP benefit your organisation?

The various benefits of ERP solutions are as follows:

  • Win-Win solutions for front as well as back office
  • Customer centric integration
  • Quick movement of orders to accounts for accurate outputs
  • Quick deliveries of products to customers
  • Quick revenues for the company
  • Quick commissions to sales people
  • Heightened levels of customer satisfaction via enhanced services
  • Heightened levels of customer satisfaction via enhanced services
Our ERP solutions offer great flexibility, scalability, ease of use and are quick to install. The solutions are modular and customizable, thus ensuring that the solution is configured to meet the unique requirements of your organization, and is implemented when needed.

One of the qualities that set us apart is our commitment to bringing integrated front-office and back-office solutions to our customers. It's this tight integration between our CRM and ERP solutions that enables everyone in your organization — from sales and marketing to accounting and finance to support and shipping — to work together, efficiently, in the business of building profitable customer relationships.

However, the best way to understand how the powerful ERP solutions can benefit your specific organization is to talk to us. For personalised, one-on-one advice, please call us at +91-20-65226667

Iqmenprovides a customized ERP system for all types of industries like:

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing/Engineering
  • Pharma
  • Education
  • Logistic services
  • Automotive
  • Hotels
  • Health Care
  • Retail