iqmen Data solutions believes in a work culture that supports open communication, trust and participation. To achieve individual development and growth, we encourage team-spirit and initiative. For this, we provide opportunities for developers to play a variety of roles, each having higher responsibility and requiring technological depth.


To design and develop solutions that can transform our clients business. These solutions are tailored for our clients business to improve efficiency, productivity and quality in a cost effective manner. Our goal is to help our clients derive the most value from the existing systems, devise innovative solutions and at the same time to profit from the inherent efficiencies that the internet brings.


It has been established that the intellectual capital is the real driving force behind leading software companies. At iqmen Data solutions, we want to succeed, and strive to create a culture in which our workforce can learn and grow. We recognize that our most valuable asset is our human resources, our people, and because of that, we continuously strive to attract, motivate, develop and retain quality people.

At iqmen Data solutions, we seek to continually create value for our customers by offering
  • Industry specific solutions using apt technologies
  • Leverage on strategic partnership and integrating services
  • Rapid deployment of world class quality solutions economically
  • A unique Geo-centric approach to deliver absolute value
  • A trustworthy business partnership - helping you nurture your business